Aspect Ratio Calculator

Handy tool that helps you calculate the missing value for a particular aspect ratio (i.e., 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, etc.). This is useful when resizing photos or videos.

Convert Case

Quick and easy tool to transform / convert the case of your text to things like ‘Sentence case’, ‘lower case’, ‘UPPER CASE’, ‘Capitalized Case’, and ‘aLtErNaTiNg cAsE’. It can also tell your Word Court and Character Count.


Iconfinder provides beautiful icons to millions of designers and developers. Iconfinder now hosts the worlds largest collection of premium icons.

Real-time HTML editor

A super simple Real-time HTML editor. Type HTML in the textarea above, and it will magically appear in the frame below.

Support Details

A tech support tool you can send to individuals to find out what Operating System and Web Browser they are using. This is really helpful when trying to trouble shoot issues.


Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. How awesome is that!