I designed and launched an improved Long-Form Content reading experience, by creating an extended layout for desktops and larger screens.

Previously all article pages used a two-column layout, where the body of the article was in a 630px wide column and next to it was a corresponding sidebar in a 300px wide column. This was the optimal layout for advertising as the 300px column contained both a 300×250 and a 300×600 ad unit on desktop pages.

However this layout was not ideal for articles that were image or text heavy, as it provided a poor reading experience. I tested a new 970px extended layout on articles that had a longer than average character count or had numerous photos and found that compared to our normal article pages which were around 630px wide, these new extended articles increased the user retention rate by 3x.

This new extended layout allowed photos, galleries and videos to be displayed at a full-bleed (edge-to-edge), and had a more premium look to them. However because I got rid of the 300px column sidebar, I had to find a new way to incorporate advertising within these posts. This was done by injecting ads in-between paragraphs after a certain character length.

With this ad injection solution in place, the extended article template was now a viable option for our editorial teams as it was being monetized, gave desktop users a premium reading experience, and increased the time users spent on the page.

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  • Rishi is an excellent product manager, and his ability to bring ideas to the table and lead by example at all stages of the product development lifecycle earns him the respect and trust of developers, designers, and stakeholders. In addition to possessing the talent and skills to bring great websites and apps to life, Rishi's cool-headed diligence and approachability make him an ideal colleague and a natural leader.

    Matthew Marco, Director of User Experience @ BORN Group

  • Rishi is awesome. He is patient, dedicated, resourceful, and timely. Rishi comes through every time with well thought-out product wire-frames communicating exactly what a designer needs to know in order to create a comprehensive, polished mock-up. He gives and receives criticism in constructive ways which ultimately ends up in a better product. What makes Rishi an exceptional asset is not just his dedication to high standards in the work he produces for team members, but the relationships he builds with them as well.

    Peter Tracy, Creative Director @ TEN

  • For me, it's Rishi's level of dedication that has left the lasting impression. You will not find a more dedicated person. Here is a guy that earned his MBA while, at the same time, helped lead the entire product strategy of a company, and succeeded at both. He dedicates himself to every challenge he faces which is why every person he works with has the utmost respect for him. He balances complex project requirements with manageable milestones and takes everyone's perspective into consideration because he is dedicated to creating the best solution on time and within budget.

    Jeff Kimmel, Director of Engineering @ TEN